Data Hosting Services

A lot of business and personal information these days is stored in the cloud. Many people always ask? What is the cloud, where is my data stored – out there in the cloud? The common term cloud can refer to many big names that provide such a service like Dropbox, One Drive, iCloud, Box Sync – Just to name a few! Alot of these providers often have an included 30 day backup for data that may become compromised; Of course this is always a great fail-safe.

So why would I invest in my own cloud? Well If you own your own data space and host your own cloud, then you will own that data stored on it forever! Headway Information Services offer private data hosting services “Private Cloud Services or Data Hosting Services” You can rent a data space for example 500GB of Data Storage for $25 Per month now that’s a lot of data that is privately secured and accessible 24/7. All Information is hosted in house and never outsourced and never will be! If you are after a secure solution for your data requirements to which you own all your own data then request a free consultation today.

data center server headwaybrisbane
  • Data securely stored on your own Virtual Private Data Space accessible from all devices 24/7

  • All data is backed up to secure site local and offsite backup services that is own between our Brisbane and Gold Coast office. We never use 3rd party data hosting or backup services.

  • Headway Information Services has large storage data servers that support a lot of data and clients simultaneously with no lag. With the high speed Internet services in our data communication station you will always have access to your data.

  • We implement some of the worlds best security services both at a Hardware and Software level. Headway Information Services also does planned maintenance so you know when your Server is being worked on.

  • Yes! all our data plans come with a mobile app that allows you to securely connect to your data location and read / write data with support for Apple and Android based devices.