Ethical Hacking

What is Ethical Hacking? Commonly also refereed to as penetration testing for exploitation of an IT system with the permission of its owner in order to determine its vulnerabilities and weaknesses. For businesses, It is an essential process of testing and validating an company’s data and technology security posture and maturity. The outcome of ethical hacking are therefore typically used to recommend preventive and corrective countermeasures that can then mitigate the risk of a cyber attack in the now or the future.


A lot of public news and media these days mention large scale viruses that attack ATM’s, Government departments and even your office or home router! Something simple like your home CCTV can become compromised and controlled by a outsider; then watching you every move! This is what you can see, now just imagine what someone can access that you cant see? Like your data in the cloud, does your business have the correct implementations to protect this? 

  • “Penetration testing” meaning to exploit an IT system.

  • A lot more common then one would think these days with the increasing use of social media engineering or reverse engineering, even your family’s accounts can be at risk. 

  • Don’t be to sceptical, your home network may host a CCTV. We have seen these become compromised over night and controlled by a hacker. You would not even know they’re watching! 

  • Everyone and all businesses are different, Headway Information Services are trained in the field and we offer a free security assessment first; then a tailored quote to your technology remedial requirements. 

Headway Information Services has performed several audits on I.T systems and installed and implemented recommended requirements for many business within Australia and around the world. Some of the most common area we find across most instances are:

  • Your Modem / Router has the default password
  • Your Security CCTV has a default password
  • Sharing data on the wrong networks or incorrectly
  • Website Security left with openings for hackers  

These are only some, we could go on forever! If you believe any of these may be within your scenario, contact us today for a free onsite or remote assessment.